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Clear Channel Sweden and GroupM launch the first dynamic outdoor campaign programmatically in Sweden

30 Nov 2023 / News
By Clear Channel UK
Plantagen campaign running on a Clear Channel Adshel Live display in snowy Sweden during the day

In an exclusive collaboration between Clear Channel and GroupM agency EssenceMediacom, Sweden's first dynamic campaign via programmatic digital Out of Home goes live today.

As the first of its kind, the campaign for Plantagen marks the start of dynamically adapted content for programmatic outdoor advertising in Sweden.

Programmatic DCO campaign aligns content based on real-time data

Through an exclusive partnership, GroupM and Clear Channel are taking the first step in dynamically and programmatically adapting content on digital outdoor screens. Focusing on Plantagen’s stores in Stockholm, the leading retailer of plants and accessories in the Nordics, the campaign utilizes dynamic content optimisation (DCO) technology to create over 150 unique video versions automatically, depending on various factors such as weather and location.

"When we buy DOOH programmatically, we have the opportunity to use DCO without making any sacrifices in terms of creative originality. This is possible due to the fact that we can use dynamic content with a much higher level of supervision. We can also be more specific in our creative adaptations to maximize relevance," says Lotta Billing, Head of OOH, and Joakim Koch, Head of DCO, GroupM Nexus.

Today, programmatic trading is gaining an increasing share of digital Out Of Home, and advertiser demand continues to grow. The fact that brands can now reach and engage their audiences with dynamic campaigns via programmatic buying marks a milestone for digital outdoor advertising in Sweden.

"We have the latest technology and are incredibly proud to be able to offer DCO and HTML5 programmatically, says Susanne Persson, Sales Director, Clear Channel Sweden. "This gives our customers even better accuracy through trigger-based content, and increased flexibility to choose when and where the message should be visible. In addition, the customer can adapt the campaign's content to the target group in real-time. Quite simply, we are involved in creating the outdoor media of the future, which is fantastic."

Real-time campaign to drive footfall to stores during the Christmas shopping season

The purpose of the campaign is to drive customers to Plantagen’s stores in an innovative way, with a strong focus on relevance and proximity to the store. DCO also opens up for a variety of content that would not have been possible to produce traditionally, where each material would have to be produced and rendered individually. This means not only great time savings but a significant reduction in production costs, making it possible for more people to create relevant and varied advertising.

"There is a fierce competition for Christmas tree sales, and therefore, it is important to make our offer visible and drive visits to one of our 11 stores in Stockholm," says Ulrika Bjurström, Marketing Manager, Plantagen. "Through a dynamic outdoor campaign, we have the opportunity to communicate the store that is best located depending on where the message is displayed, which increases relevance and hopefully also the store visits."

Plantagen’s campaign is displayed on Clear Channel’s digital outdoor screens at Stockholm’s subway and local train stations, as well as in street environments.