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Clear Channel develop, fund, install and maintain essential public utility for local communities.

01  Out of Home Infrastructure

For more than 85 years, Clear Channel has been creating and delivering useful products and public infrastructure that provide solutions for urban challenges; all funded by the advertising they carry.  Every day, across the communities we operate in, the public engage with and benefit from the products we’ve installed and maintain.

    Street Furniture
    Enhancing our public spaces with world-class street furniture
    Shoppers in a busy shopping centre passing a 3D Maybelline advertisement on Adshel Live
    Digital Displays
    Solutions to provide cities, landlords and brands with an effective and efficient broadcast channel
    Products for Good
    Environmentally-conscious products that have a tangible positive impact on communities
    DigitalCustomer Solutions
    Connecting citizens and landlords with real-time information
    Smart Solutions
    Improving public services and urban living with data and technology
02  Innovation

Developing better products

Every new product that Clear Channel develops is done with the objective of overcoming the real-world challenges that communities face. From driving urban greening, reducing air pollution and increasing biodiversity, to providing vital live public information and communications services that help citizens easily navigate local areas, our customizable, innovative products harmoniously integrate into surrounding cityscapes and enhance daily life.   

An Adshel Live advertisement in Oslo at dusk
03  Partners

A trusted partner

From small towns to major urban centres across Europe, we have a long-standing track record of working in partnership with municipalities and local authorities to enhance our communities and environment with reliable, innovative street furniture.

We have been a trusted partner to airports, transit authorities and retail companies as well as thousands of private landlords, providing appealing, thoughtful and impactful advertising solutions.