Clear Channel Europe marks the UN International Day of Democracy with 4 Tenets for Europe | Clear Channel

Clear Channel Europe marks the UN International Day of Democracy with 4 Tenets for Europe, from Franco-British artist Martin Firrell

15 Sep 2023 / News
By Clear Channel UK
A collage of 12 Adshel Live screens and digital billboards displaying the 4 Tenets for Europe in multiple languages in various locations across Europe, with black letters on a green background

Clear Channel Europe marks the UN International Day of Democracy on 15 September 2023 with 4 Tenets for Europe, a major new public artwork from Franco-British artist Martin Firrell.

4 Tenets for Europe will appear simultaneously on billboards across 11 Clear Channel European markets, the brainchild of Martin Corke, Clear Channel European Marketing Lead and internationally acclaimed public artist Martin Firrell ('The Conscience of the 21st Century' - International New York Times).

The commission also marks 25 years of the artist’s creative association with Clear Channel and the artist’s 60th birthday.

"As that milestone approached, I asked myself, what have I learned that I believe to be unalterably valuable and true about life? I came up with four things - hence the 4 Tenets" - Martin Firrell.

Tenet 1 is Prize the Beauty of Justice Above All Else. Justice is perhaps the one and only unerringly beautiful aspect of human experience. It is both the root and the fruit of democracy.

Tenet 2 is Look at Life Squarely and Forgive It for What It Is. This is a paraphrasing of the great modernist novelist Virginia Woolf (1882-1941). Life is something to be lived up to, seen for what it is without illusions, and forgiven for all its faults. Forgiveness fosters kindness to ourselves and to others.

Tenet 3 is Disobey Any Cruel or Unjust Rule. Disobedience - especially mass civil disobedience - can provide vital protections for any society subject to inept or wicked government and/or unethical law-making.

Tenet 4 is Be Kind to Trees. Trees are how we breathe! This tenet echoes the final words of the great French satirical novel Candide: "Cela est bien dit," répondit Candide, "mais il faut cultiver notre jardin." ("All that is very well," answered Candide, "but we must look after our garden.")

"4 Tenets for Europe demonstrates the power of Out of Home as a medium that can present engaging and timely public art messages at scale, celebrating the UN Day of Democracy across Europe." - Martin Corke, Clear Channel European Marketing Lead.

"I like to think of the 4 Tenets as a recipe for a happier, kinder and better cared for world." - Martin Firrell Public Artist.

Participating Clear Channel markets are Denmark, Finland, France, Ireland, Latvia, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Spain, Sweden, UK.